Hotels & Spas

Customers searching for eco-friendly and sustainably hotels and spas is increasing all the time. This is not a trend, rather a changing of culture and mindset. 
Whether or not a business has sustainable initiatives is becoming an important deciding factor for people.

In 2022, over 80% of global travellers say that sustainable tourism was important to them.
Another survey found a third of guests look at a hotel's environmental and social impacts before booking. 
Here are some plastic-free products that can be provided wholesale for hotels & spas. 
1: Bamboo toothbrushes
2: Biodegradable floss. In glass container or cardboard packaging
3: Organic cotton rounds/pads. With or without bag. 
4: Stainless steel straws. For the hotel/spa bars and restaurants.
5: Organic cotton bag. Mesh or no mesh. For laundry, slippers etc.