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Planet Kind: Events, Festivals & Team Building

Many festivals and global corporations are quickly adopting a culture and a community that revolves around wellness and respect for the planet.

Planet Kind has worked closely with well-known festivals and corporations. Our role is to offer 2 main services: 1. Wellness & 2. Sustainability

1: Wellness Coaching & Team Building. 
These are led by our elite wellness coach, Oliver. Oliver leads others to use holistic principles such as fitness work, mental/ emotional balancing, detoxification, breathwork etc.
Oliver has a MSc master's degree in Nutrition & Health, he is a certified yoga fitness trainer and has worked with pro footballers (Wolverhampton FC) and corporate organizations (Schneider Electric)
Team Building Day
2: Sustainability: Planet Kind Products & Workshops.
Festivals are always looking to improve their eco/ recycling credentials. Planet Kind offers zero waste and reusable products, the festival is promoting a more sustainable event. 

Planet Kind also offers workshops focused on education regarding sustainable living. At previous events Planet Kind offered interactive workshops for children such as: DIY reusable handkerchiefs from second hand material, clothes repair, eco-life discussions etc.

Previous Example Events
MMF Festival, Divčibare.
EXIT  Festival, Novi Sad
Super Self Festival, Ada Mall Belgrade